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System update: Brand new rich text editor and other cool stuff

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Here’s what we have for you:

  • New and improved rich text editor
  • Ability to link one email to multiple contacts
  • Attach files to email from Dropbox
  • Persistent “all day” calendar event setting
  • Miscellaneous improvements and fixes

New and improved rich text editor

Now you can enjoy a faster and more versatile rich text editor. We’ve added extra formatting functionality and organized the controls into two sections to keep the interface smoothly uncluttered.

The new rich text editor capabilities include:

  1. Bulleted and numbered lists
  2. Increased and decreased indents
  3. Insert and format tables

We’ve also changed two icons as follows:

  • Clear formatting: from “eraser” to “Tx”
  • Show source: from “HTML” to “< >”

To toggle between one- and two-bar views, click the “more/less” button as shown on the screenshot.

The new rich text editor also solves the inconsistent formatting issues and the “Delete” key slowdown problem caused by accumulation of quoted message history.

Ability to link an email to multiple contacts

Here’s a tiny little feature that will have a massive impact on your filing and organizational prowess. It used to be that in order to assign an email to a different contact, you had to unlink it first. In other words, the relationship between emails and contacts used to be 1-to-1. Not anymore. Now any email can be linked to any number of contacts, in a 1-to-many fashion. Simply choose the “Link to contact” option from the “Actions” dropdown and let your imagination run wild about the new possibilities to keep related stuff where it belongs – together.

Attach files to email from Dropbox

In addition to uploading files from your local drive or a shared library in Relenta, you can now use your Dropbox account. When composing a message, simply click the Dropbox link, enter your login credentials and pick your files. Simple as that.

Persistent “all day” calendar event state

Now when you create a new event, the system automatically remembers your last choice for the “all day” checkbox. This means that if you usually enter the exact time for events, you no longer have to make that nagging extra click every time.

Thank you Lee Walsh for this idea. To suggest other ways to reduce the number of clicks to perform routine daily tasks, drop us an email at .

Miscellaneous improvements and fixes

These include infrastructure upgrades that result in faster page loading times; many bug fixes and updates to the mobile version; bug fixes related to display of “My emails”; and overall reliability and performance.

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September 7th, 2015 at 1:55 pm

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