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Archive for May, 2016

Announcing… new API and other goodies

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Happy summer! If you are in the US, we hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend. For us, long weekends are always a great opportunity to get some rest and catch up with work. We hope you’re going to enjoy the latest things we’ve been working on at Relenta.

Developer API v3.0

Our new API is built on the principles of REST. The URLs are resource-oriented, so that they are easily guessable and are designed to be easy to explore and use.

The older version of XML-based API v2 is now deprecated. While it is no longer being developed, you can continue using it as before, and we will continue to support it until further notice. We do encourage you to switch to v3, however. Shout if you need any help or further explanation.

Improved calendar export

The calendar export now allows you to export the current view as specified in the “Display Activity Types” dropdown menu. This way you can mix and match the exact types of items that you want to import to other apps. For example, if you want to export only events assigned to you (and not your colleagues events) or only ‘Followup’ events, no problem – simply check the boxes in the dropdown and then hit export.

Export calendar

Please remember also that in addition to this calendar export feature there are two other ways to sync your Relenta calendar with other apps:

  1. New version of the API (see above)
  2. Our integration with Zapier

“My Emails” folder

To improve the functionality of the My Emails folder we’ve added a dropdown menu which lets you specify exactly which emails should show up in your very own My Emails folder. Before this, the folder displayed all emails for each identity a user has access to, which presented a problem for those teams who share many identities.

The dropdown menu now allows you to select emails sent to specific addresses from the list of available identities. This way you can easily choose which emails you see and use the My emails folder as your own personal inbox.

My Emails filter

Oh and one other thing while we are on the subject of UI personalization… did you know that each user can drag-and-drop email folders and groups to rearrange the display order to their liking? Just making sure 🙂

Got feature ideas?

What should we focus on next? Submit your feature ideas and help us prioritize our development schedule by voting for existing feature requests here:

Until next time, stay relentlessly productive!

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May 31st, 2016 at 8:31 am

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