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Announcing… New item selector, group handling and more

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So the the days are already getting shorter as the summer rolls towards the end, but we here at Relenta continue to roll out new features just the same. Enjoy this latest batch of productivity and UI improvements – they will give you more hours in the day so you can hopefully take more time off while the weather is still good.

New and improved message/contact selector

Message selector

Our improved item selector and redesigned message toolbar give you four new key features:

  1. Select messages (or contacts) either on a given page, or in the entire folder (group).
  2. The selected item count is displayed along with the “Clear” control, while the entire selector is highlighted in green for better visual differentiation.
  3. Use the <shift> keyboard key to select range.
  4. Bulk mark as read/unread action for messages.

Also, when you select only Contacts or Companies in the dropdown, there is now a warning reminding you that some items may be hidden from display. This was done to avoid any potential confusion caused by mysteriously “disappearing” objects – we personally freaked out about this one more than once:

Warning hidden items

Improved assignment of contacts to groups

Include contacts within companies

We replaced the silly old-school group list for mass-assigning contacts to groups with a nеat multiple-select dropdown menu.

We also added an option to mass-assign contacts within companies, instead of going through each one individually.

Likewise, when you change group assignment from the Edit Company screen, you are now presented with an option to apply the change to all contacts within that company:

Groups to company contacts

That’s it for today. As always, you can suggest and vote for new features ideas here.

Until next time, stay relentlessly productive!

Written by Dmitri Eroshenko

August 6th, 2016 at 7:55 am

Posted in System Update

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