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Local manufacturing coming to a garage near you

Tired of shoe shopping? Design and print your own.

Now that 3D printing equipment has become less pricey, small businesses are finding new ways to innovate. For instance, Dell Tech reported today about Biorep Technologies, a medical device manufacturer in Miami that’s been 3D printing devices for over a decade now.

“We’ll meet with surgeons; they’ll tell us their ideas. Then we’ll throw it up into the computer, and then we can quickly 3D print the prototype,” he says. “We’ll check the fit and function, and at that point, we can start making functional prototypes in the machine shop.”

Badabing, badaboom, they’re done.

Now imagine you’re an engineer or tinkerer with a great idea for a device. You handcraft your prototype and it starts selling. The quantities don’t merit full-scale factory manufacturing with all the associated hassle and coordination. But 3D printing could kick-start a business by taking over the task of producing the product, leaving the business owner with more time to run the business end of the equation. (Kinda like what Relenta does for small business communication.)

This manufacturing model has other benefits. It keeps the business completely local, reduces the carbon footprint (think less transportation), and allows a company to guard its trade secrets.

So today  it’s 3D printing #FTW.

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