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Billing system upgrade

We no longer require a credit card to sign up for a free 14-day trial with as many users as you want.

Our free account includes 1 user, 100 contacts and 100 MB storage. Exceeding any of these limits will start a 14-day free trial. We will ask you to provide the payment if you decide to continue the service after the trial period ends.

Once you become a paying customer, we charge you monthly for the next month in advance. The invoice for the next month is created 5 days before your billing date. You can view it in the Dashboard > Billing section of your account. It is your responsibility to make sure that the credit card we have on file is valid and has sufficient funds. If the charge is declined, a 7-day grade period automatically starts, and $10 late payment fee is added to your bill. After the 7-day grace period, your account access will be suspended until you provide the payment.

When you add users to your account, we will charge you the amount prorated to your next billing date.

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