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Case Study: Ruling 10,000 email contacts with one address

"One email to rule them all." Mwahahaha.

Ok. We’ve had some amazing customers, but Lokad tops the cake for innovation. Can you imagine only having one email address for your clients? We couldn’t.

Joannes Vermorel, owner of big-data software company Lokad, had a big-time CRM problem. 10,000 client emails would funnel through a dozen or so email addresses – some email (and clients) getting lost in the process. Dedicated clients started emailing three addresses just to ensure a quicker response.

How did Joannes and the team at Lokad solve the dilemma? They started using one email address, contact (@), and funneling all communication through Relenta. Lokad managers pick up emails from the inbox, nothing gets ignored, and their clients have never been happier.

How’s that for productivity? Read the complete case study and blog post about Lokad’s one-email-to-rule-them-all solution. #amazingcx at its best!

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