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Case study: Sage Music School

Music to our ears! Jason Sagebiel, owner of Sage Music School in New York, made our day by writing this awesome case study.

Jason Sagebiel, owner of Sage Music School

So, how do you run a music school, combining student care with creative work, your own music, and the business side of running an academy? If you’re passionate like Jason, you put a lot of heart into your work – and you use Relenta to manage student relationships, scheduling, staff, sales and all that jazz.

Contact forms go directly into Relenta

The website forms are sent directly into Jason’s Relenta CRM system and prospective students get the specific information they are looking for thanks to the auto-reply and autoresponder features.

Autoresponders keep everyone in the loop

Relenta’s email marketing tools let Sage Music school send out targeted and personalized newsletters, promotions, and more – automatically. Prospective students are in a separate group in the system, so they get introductory information and details about upcoming new classes. Current students are in a different group and get information about extra classes and school policies.

Contact timelines keep track of learning progress

To be an excellent teacher, you have to know your students well. A good CRM software is a perfect teacher’s tool. Relenta helps Jason by keeping a progress timeline for each student, which includes past emails, conversations, notes, and other details so that more time is spent on teaching and less on recalling information.

Today’s educational entrepreneurs like Jason Sagebiel wear many hats. They are artists, educators, astute businessmen, community leaders, and impeccable organizers.

Rock on, Jason!

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