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Relenta Awards

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We are very good at what we do! We’ve created a special product that’s easy to use without sacrificing performance and features – and this is not going unnoticed. Have a look at just some of the recent awards Relenta has received:

  • “Top in class” award on Siftery.
  • “Great User Experience” certificate and “Rising star” award by FinancesOnline.
  • “High performer” status on G2 Crowd where we maintain independently verified 5­-star ratings.
  • Relenta was also ranked in the top 20 most user­-friendly out of 500 CRMs on Capterra.

Award list

Written by Kuroi

October 18th, 2016 at 9:41 am

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Simple to use, easy to succeed

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capterra-top20-bronze-most-userfriendly-crm-software-badgeMore than ten years ago, we set out to create a new kind of CRM and one of our main objectives was to make sure there was little or no learning curve needed to start and become more productive with our software. We’re proud that our customers recognize this effort and to announce that we’ve been awarded with the “Top 20 Most User-Friendly CRM Software” badge from Capterra. With almost 500 CRM solutions listed on their site, we’re confident to state that while many CRMs out there claim to be “simple” and “intuitive” – Relenta actually is.

Have some suggestions about how we can make Relenta even more user-friendly? Submit your ideas here.





Written by Eugene Zilberter

September 30th, 2016 at 3:03 am

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Smart work pays off!

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Our philosophy is that you can work smarter, not harder, in order to get more things done faster. The smart work is paying off for Relenta in 2016, as we’ve received the Best-in-class award on Siftery.

See who else on Siftery is using Relenta to work smarter, and what other apps help them get the job done!

Have a relentlessly productive summer!

Written by Eugene Zilberter

July 13th, 2016 at 8:16 am

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How to make 2016 a year to remember

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Relenta is hard at work to make 2016 our most successful year and the efforts are already paying off:

FinancesOnline just gave us a Verified Quality Seal of Approval in a recent review of Relenta, and we’re thrilled to have also received the ‘Rising Star 2016’ award as well as the ‘Great User Experience’ certificate.

We’re off to a great start – and you can be too! Join Relenta and you can make 2016 a game-changing year for your business.

Written by Eugene Zilberter

January 28th, 2016 at 11:45 am

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System update: Brand new rich text editor and other cool stuff

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Here’s what we have for you:

  • New and improved rich text editor
  • Ability to link one email to multiple contacts
  • Attach files to email from Dropbox
  • Persistent “all day” calendar event setting
  • Miscellaneous improvements and fixes

New and improved rich text editor

Now you can enjoy a faster and more versatile rich text editor. We’ve added extra formatting functionality and organized the controls into two sections to keep the interface smoothly uncluttered.

The new rich text editor capabilities include:

  1. Bulleted and numbered lists
  2. Increased and decreased indents
  3. Insert and format tables

We’ve also changed two icons as follows:

  • Clear formatting: from “eraser” to “Tx”
  • Show source: from “HTML” to “< >”

To toggle between one- and two-bar views, click the “more/less” button as shown on the screenshot.

The new rich text editor also solves the inconsistent formatting issues and the “Delete” key slowdown problem caused by accumulation of quoted message history.

Ability to link an email to multiple contacts

Here’s a tiny little feature that will have a massive impact on your filing and organizational prowess. It used to be that in order to assign an email to a different contact, you had to unlink it first. In other words, the relationship between emails and contacts used to be 1-to-1. Not anymore. Now any email can be linked to any number of contacts, in a 1-to-many fashion. Simply choose the “Link to contact” option from the “Actions” dropdown and let your imagination run wild about the new possibilities to keep related stuff where it belongs – together.

Attach files to email from Dropbox

In addition to uploading files from your local drive or a shared library in Relenta, you can now use your Dropbox account. When composing a message, simply click the Dropbox link, enter your login credentials and pick your files. Simple as that.

Persistent “all day” calendar event state

Now when you create a new event, the system automatically remembers your last choice for the “all day” checkbox. This means that if you usually enter the exact time for events, you no longer have to make that nagging extra click every time.

Thank you Lee Walsh for this idea. To suggest other ways to reduce the number of clicks to perform routine daily tasks, drop us an email at .

Miscellaneous improvements and fixes

These include infrastructure upgrades that result in faster page loading times; many bug fixes and updates to the mobile version; bug fixes related to display of “My emails”; and overall reliability and performance.

Written by Kuroi

September 7th, 2015 at 1:55 pm

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High five for high performance

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"An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises" - Mae West

We’re very excited to announce that thanks to your support, Relenta has just been named a ‘High Performer’ in G2 Crowd’s Spring 2015 list of top CRM platforms. Let’s keep this up!

For those of you who aren’t yet in the loop, we’ve recently partnered with G2 Crowd to provide independently verified user reviews of Relenta, where we maintain the highest star rating in CRM category. See what our fans are saying about us.

If using Relenta has helped you become a high performer as well, please help us out by submitting a 5-star review of Relenta.

Thanks again, and stay relentlessly productive!

Written by Eugene Zilberter

May 8th, 2015 at 11:16 am

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Four tiny email tweaks with huge impact

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The way you use email can make all the difference between productive communications and total chaos. Here are four simple practices you may want to try right away.

Brevity is the sister of talent

“Brevity is the sister of talent”
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Use subject prefixes

From Asian Efficiency, here are some subject line prefix conventions that will save your team tons of time:

FYI For Your Information. No reply needed.
URGENT Means exactly that. Don’t abuse it.
EOM End of Message. Everything you need to know is in the subject.
NRN No reply needed. So please don’t reply.
NFA No further action. This is a combination of and FYI and an NRN, but with fewer letters.

Go light on “Reply to All”

Treat the “Reply to All” button like a trip to the dentist It’s only necessary from time to time. Most corporate cultures abuse the “Reply to All” button. This wastes a copious amount of time and buries messages that are genuinely important. Don’t be like that. Condition your team to think seven times, use “Reply to All” once.

Keep the S.U.B. in your subjects

Vague subject lines sink ships. Start putting S.U.B. into your subjects. Make them Specific, Updated and Brief.

Specific Use “April 15 meeting agenda” instead of just “agenda” or “meeting”
Updated Highlight important changes. Say the April 15 meeting has been cancelled. Give that information right in the subject, like so: “April 15 meeting CANCELLED” Go ahead and YELL, why not?
Brief “Brevity is the sister of talent.” — Anton Chekhov.

Change the Subject

It’s easy for one email conversation to morph into another. When that happens change the subject and start a different conversation.

There you go. Tiny tweaks, huge impact.

Written by Dmitri Eroshenko

April 29th, 2015 at 7:12 am

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Hi! I’m Eugene. Let’s connect!

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Hi there!

Eugene Zilberter

Meet Eugene Zilberter,
Client Success Manager @ Relenta

I’m Eugene Zilberter, the brand new Client Success Manager here at Relenta. My mission is your total CRM success. No issue it too big or small, I’m here to help.

I would love to personally connect with you as soon as possible. So if you’re up for a quick call, drop me a line and we’ll schedule a suitable time, or use this link:

You can take me through your day-to-day workflows and ask me any questions you may have. This can also be an opportunity to give us feedback, let us know what you like, or dislike about Relenta so that we can improve and make your life simpler and even more productive.

Looking forward to speaking with you!

+1 703-666-8779

Written by Eugene Zilberter

April 27th, 2015 at 11:36 am

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Guest post: How one week using this software changed my life and you can do it too!

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Here’s a reprint of a case study originally written and posted by one of our new clients, Will Robins
of Market Brands.

I am not big on product endorsements without a very thorough test and implementation. We have all gotten sold on a new gadget, app, or technology only to realize that we do not have the time to properly implement everything needed to make it fully functioning. I am not making any money, commissions, or signing an endorsement deal with the company. I wanted to post this blog was because the time it took me to “set up” this particular software was worth the return on investment inside of the first week.

Best CRM For Retail

Clear Your Head With This Software

Let’s start with how I managed the problem this software solved before the software:

Emails Follow-ups Tasks Calendars and Phone Calls

As I work on Checkstand Program every day I have an assortment of task. Since we talk to product owners, product distributors, store owners, store buyers, brokers, and our affiliated partners every day there is a lot of task and separate conversations I have to manage and keep a flow to. I rely heavily on email for communication and to somewhat keep track of what is in front of me and what I need to do next.

Our process is like this:

  • First, this is our process once someone has responded to us or submitted information asking for more information about Checkstand Program and getting their product into stores.
  • We get leads from our sources. One of the main ones is the fact that we rank in Google with our websites.
  • We contact those leads via phone and email and introduce ourselves.
  • We then call back after we have discussed the particular product over and seen sales sheets or an informative website.
  • We then discuss number of stores and other information needed for the agreement.
  • We then discuss with our distributors to make sure the product is a good fit and we can do the number of stores they are requesting.
  • We then send an agreement to the customer.
  • We follow up with the customer 1,000 times about the agreement and make necessary changes.
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc.

You get the overall point I am making. Life is hectic for my particular craft. All of these communications need to be logged, remembered, and or kept up with. You also don’t want to lose someone in the process.

Now add on top of the above the fact that you have to follow up with distributors once they receive the product to confirm it is shipped right, received, reorder paper work is in place, the product is inbound for stores, any delays, etc… You have to communicate anything you hear right back to the product manufacturer and log it for later summary.

This all in all amounts to a ton of phone calls and emails.

I know that is the case for anyone in the retail and distribution field of work.

What Software

Hands Down the Best CRM Ever… It simply gets Things Done ~ The Will Robins

This simple to use CRM really is a GEM!!

It isn’t the various features that I need to sell you on. These features make it really easy to see how viewing all of your contacts become a timeline of all the various emails and task you have or have had with them.

The amazing thing for me about this particular CRM, productivity management, and awesome software is that it is SIMPLE!

Simple. The introduction which is 5 emails walks you through the basics. You import your contacts and then set up your email to come into Relenta. Then you can go through each email and either take action or hit delete on it. This empowered me to such a level. My calendar became my new view as it had everything I was supposed to be doing in it. Then emails came in and I responded, created an event out of, or responded.


The Best CRM for Retailers

The One Click Zone

Get things done with a single click

The one-click zone. Click. Done.

The magic of our simple user interface helps you get things done with a single click. It gives your team a central shared workspace that is built for collaboration. All data is updated in real time, so everyone is literally on the same page.

This is where everything you are trying to take care of is in one window and one click away. I can’t explain as well as the videos above show it but for me this made the world of difference.

What This Software Is Not.


This is not a marketing software. This is not going to get you more traffic or drive customers with sophisticated emails. This will change your life because of the ease of keeping all your information on track and working through your deal process. It does not make phone calls, track emails, and it does not integrate with other apps easy. It does again make it super simple to coordinate your email and follow up swiftly.

What I look like one week later.


The reason I am mentioning this software. I tried out Relenta for their 14 day trial. In 9 days, I signed up on Friday and “dabbled” with it for an hour to see if it was worth trying out. Today is one Friday later and I am sold.

As you can see it looks like I just started in the software. That’s why I love it!

I actually started this trial with over 2,500 emails in my inbox. I was able to clean all that up and I know where it is and how to bring it up with ease in a few minutes all in 9 days. As you can see in the bottom left hand corner I still have 5 days left on my trial. This is amazing software and changed my life.

I hope you try it and find it as amazing as I did.

Written by Dmitri Eroshenko

March 25th, 2015 at 7:28 pm

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Segment, segment, segment

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Segment your customers into Groups with Relenta

Segment your customers for delicious results

When considering conversion optimization, how often do you catch yourself thinking about the successes of your email campaigns? Email list segmentations can bring a multitude of conversion opportunities by moving past the general broadcast and into more specific plans that are catered to your subscribers’ individual needs and interests.

Here are a few best practices for segmenting lists that encourage conversions and amplify content. As always, the effects of list segmentation are best measured alongside big-picture data, but a few of these basic list categories should help you to get an idea on how to individualize your subscribers’ email experiences.

1. Segment by Age

Segmenting by age may seem a little obvious, but you’d be surprised at how much broadcast email content can seem irrelevant to different age groups. Consider your demographic. The 18-25 crowd may be more interested in a flash sale than those 65+.

2. Industry

This is a big one. Mass emails that cater to too many industry areas can quickly become spam—something we all want to avoid. Understand your users’ industry-specific positions in order to get a better idea of what they would like to see in their inboxes.

3. Gender

In many cases emails can be targeted to a neutral demographic, but some instances may call for a more specific segmentation. Much like it makes sense to vary emails by age group, it can make a lot of sense to target gender if you have a large product offering that encompasses a wide variety of individuals.

Once you have your segments planned, create them as Groups in your Relenta account. Have filters and web forms automatically assign new contacts to the right Groups. Then your Groups will be ready for any email marketing or autoresponder campaigns you set up.

The beauty of list segmentation lies in the fact that a list can be segmented in any number of ways. By focusing on what your consumer wants, you can better target your email campaigns to a variety of different segments, such as: geography, education, buying behavior…you get the idea. Better targeted email campaigns = better CTRs = better results for your site and for your business.

Here’s a hearty Relenta thank-you to today’s guest blogger, Clare Paniccia, who handles content writing at Clever Zebo. She works alongside a team of hands-on marketers who deliver results. If you’re interested in improving the conversion rate of an autoresponder sequence or marketing email, sign up here for a complimentary 30-minute marketing consult.

Written by Brent Miller

May 21st, 2014 at 11:35 am

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DMARC changes and Relenta

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DMARC changes for Yahoo and AOL and how it affects Relenta users.

A DMARC-ation in the sand?

April, what a month for email marketing! So let’s recap what has changed.

In the beginning of April, Yahoo! published an ultra-strict email authentication standard using DMARC. There’s a lot of talk about their using “p=reject,” which basically means that if you send an email using an email address through any service other than Yahoo! SMTP servers, it will not be delivered. No questions asked. A few weeks later AOL instituted the same policy for email addresses. Comcast has put a similar policy in place but it applies only to corporate addresses, not personal accounts.

Why the sudden change? You may or may not be familiar with the term phishing. If you’ve ever received a scam email from or, or an email from a friend with a spam link, you’ve experienced it. It’s somebody sending a fake email pretending to be someone else usually to get you to click a virus link or share personal information like a password. As criminals have increased their efforts, email providers have developed complex spam traps to reject or at least categorize these messages as dangerous.

Now they’ve taken it one step further by checking to see if an email was sent by the sender’s server; if it’s not, they reject it. So now if you have an or email address, you must use their server to send the message. A bad change? Not necessarily. Now, someone will have to know your email password to send from your account. There’s no way to get around that.

With such a drastic and sudden change, there has been a bit of collateral damage.

Who has this affected? U.S. embassies sending eVites. Small cities sending out road construction notices. Weather services notifying people of weather alerts. People sending eCard greetings or newspaper article recommendations by email. And, of course, all email marketing customers who use Yahoo and AOL email addresses regardless of what service they use to send their email.

What does this mean for Relenta users? The majority of you will not be affected. However, any users who use or email addresses will be able to receive email in Relenta but will no longer be able to send email from those addresses using the Relenta interface. This may be a temporary problem. Yahoo and AOL are getting a lot of flack for not announcing this change to anyone before instituting it; this may force them to revert to a less strict — but still effective — form of DMARC. But don’t bet on it.

Here are what we are recommending going forward:

For business email, use an email based on your website domain. If you don’t have one, we recommend finding a web developer to set one up for you. Let your business customers know of this address change. This is an email that you control, not Yahoo or AOL, who can basically do whatever they want with your email. Switching to another freemail provider like Hotmail or Gmail is probably like jumping on a sinking ship. (However, these changes are not currently affecting Hotmail, Gmail, or any other email service providers.)

Relenta is in full support of DMARC changes. We realize that adjustments have to be made to fight spam. If the right changes are made, it will actually improve email deliverability and response rates for all legitimate email senders. We just hope that future changes don’t have as much collateral damage, and will let email users use their email legitimately, however they see fit. We’ll keep you posted about any new developments.

(Our friends over at Word to the Wise have published a very good DMARC Primer that helps explain Yahoo and AOL’s changes in more detail. It’s worth the read.)

Written by Brent Miller

May 5th, 2014 at 12:14 pm

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Heartbleed update

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No bleeding hearts here...

Heartbleed vulnerabilities and ensuing updates seem pretty pandemic right now. Just so you know, we were among the few web services not affected.

However, that does not mean other web services you use have not been compromised. If your Relenta password matches passwords you use for services who had to patch their servers, you should definitely change it. Make sure you pass this information on to all your Relenta users.

Monday. How typical. 🙂

Hopefully, the rest of the week remains pretty stable.

Written by Brent Miller

April 14th, 2014 at 2:59 pm

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How not to write a customer support email

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We use an online meeting software service who sent this terse reply when we complained about problems we had with a call the other day.

“Thank you for contacting [Company’s Name].

We have never received any complaints about the sound quality. I would try to use a different microphone, or maybe update your computer’s sound card’s driver.

If you need further assistance, call us at 8XX-XXX-XXXX to explore additional options.  Alternately, we have online resources available, so feel free to utilize the links below.  Otherwise, a ticket close notification and short survey will be sent to you in a few days.”

Whether this is true or not, why is this a bad customer-service email?

  1. No customer name was used. It’s not like they don’t know it. This email’s salutation actually says “Thank you for contacting [CompanyName].” As if this was an achievement that needed to be recognized. Dumb.
  2. The first solution was to blame the customer. While it may be the customer, a better response is to try to replicate his/her problem and make sure it isn’t you first.
  3. They forgot that the customer is the boss. (Kings are so two centuries ago.) Make sure to show respect for people who basically sign your paycheck. Do not belittle their problems. In the above example, what may been a well-intentioned plug for their company’s service, really seems like a put-down. The solutions were half-hearted and not specific. (The links were to the support area, not to specific support articles.)

A better reply?

“Dear Relenta,

Thank you for letting us know about the problems you had with the sound quality of yesterday’s call. While these problems are rare, they do occasionally happen. It could be a lot of different issues and we’d be happy to help you when you have time for a quick phone call.

In the meantime, here are links to some specific support articles that may help you troubleshoot the problem.

Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done and leaves me feeling much better about the service.

Written by Brent Miller

April 14th, 2014 at 2:05 pm

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How to de-funk

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Doldrums? The best time for swimming. #booyah

Remember learning about the doldrums, those low-pressure spots in the ocean noted for calm periods when the winds disappear altogether, trapping sail-powered boats for days or weeks?

Life can be like that, a serious funk. Ugh.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait for the winds of life to change to put wind back in our sails. Here are some things we can do:

  1. Rest. When our mental and physical energy is depleted, it can cause a vicious cycle of negative thinking and error-prone actions. Instead of powering through, stop what you’re doing and sleep. If you’re worried that you’re not going to have enough time to get what you need done, think about the fact that fixing mistakes makes the job twice as long as doing it right the first time. No one will complain if you get the job done right.
  2. Pick your battles. The old saying goes, “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” Focus on the things you can change, often not your circumstances. In the doldrums, a captain could not will the wind to blow. However, it’s often our outlook on a situation that is the easiest to change. Realizing that some circumstances are beyond our control can motivate us to work out better coping strategies. So be courageous, make a list, and get busy. (If you’re not ready to do this, see point #1.)
  3. Rally the troops. No captain ever manned a ship through a storm on his own. So look for mates to get you through the rough times. Friends or family, maybe an online support group or forum. Whatever the case, don’t go it alone. (If you feel completely alone, refer to point #1.)
  4. Tomorrow is another day. Every day, life changes. Be on the outlook for positive changes ahead and be ready to hoist the sails when you spot them. (If this sounds too rosy, see point #1.)

Unlike most advertising slogans, life is not simple, easy or affordable. We have to invest time and energy and a crap-load of guts to get anything out of it. So get some rest, make sure your fights mean something, find a support network, and prepare for the best.

Written by Brent Miller

April 9th, 2014 at 11:15 am

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How to Pronounce Jakub Siestrzewitowski

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While you and your clients may share a common language, you may not know how to pronounce their names. For example, you have a phone call with Jakub Siestrzewitowski. When someone answers the call, who will you ask for? Find out how to use Google Translate and your Relenta contact record to solve the problem.

Written by Brent Miller

March 2nd, 2014 at 11:11 am

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Seven problems your inbox can solve

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This from a recent Harvard Business Review blog post:

“When you’re staring at an inbox piled high with unread emails, it’s easy for email to feel like yet another problem for you to solve. But by using your email’s rules and filters, you can not only prevent those messages from piling it up, but address challenges you face that go beyond your inbox.”

Of course, we’re mentioning this for the obvious reason that Relenta is the perfect inbox to implement this solution. Have a great one!

Written by Brent Miller

February 19th, 2014 at 2:53 pm

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Case study: Best ever

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My favorite case study ever:

From: Alexander Xxxx <>
To: Dmitri Eroshenko <dmitri at relenta dot com>
Date: Sun, Jan 19, 2014 04:34am
Subject: Information
my name is Alexander Xxxx.
I am 8 years old.
And i like your database.
I have just set it up here in england and i am adding lots of people to it.
My mummy and daddy use relenta for their business.
Have a nice day from Alexander.

Thank you Alexander! You are the best 🙂

Written by Dmitri Eroshenko

January 20th, 2014 at 4:16 am

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System update: Calendar sync and recurring events

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New Year’s is our favorite holiday. Not because a few weeks leading up to it is our most productive time of the year. Not because of the best parties. We love New Year because it offers the possibility of change and transformation.

You’re gonna love this update especially if your New Year’s resolutions include things like “become more productive” and “get things done.” They do, right? So now you have fewer excuses.

Go to your Relenta calendar, click Export button, then right-click on Subscription link and copy the webcal:// link:

Then open your calendar program. We use Google in this example – other apps all work along the same lines. From “Other calendars” in Google Calendar menu choose “Add by URL” and paste your webcal:// link, like so:

That’s all there is to it.

It will be good for you to know that the sync frequency depends on the calendar program you use. Google seems to be updating external calendar feeds every few hours. Also note that this is a one-way sync. You can view your Relenta calendar events in other calendars, but you need to create and edit them in Relenta.

Next comes another feature that you’ve been asking for since the beginning of time: the ability to create recurring events. Not much to write about here other than “now you can.” Just check Repeat box on edit event screen and set the recurrence rules:

That’s it for the first system update this year. We hope you like.

Enjoy and stay tuned!

Written by Dmitri Eroshenko

January 17th, 2014 at 2:26 am

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Relenta Demos Launch

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Relenta is arguably the most customizable email-based CRM and Contact Management system for SMBs. Packed as it is with so many customizable features, there is, admittedly, a learning curve, especially during setup. From working with different businesses over the years, each with a unique scenario, there can be a moment during setup when you want to throw up your hands and walk away.

While a brief chat with Dmitri or me can usually resolve most problems fairly quickly, maybe you’re under a deadline, it’s 2am, and we’re not available to answer your questions. Or maybe you’d like the answers before you have questions. Up until now, we’ve been reticent to provide too much detail in our support documentation for fear of pigeonholing product usage. That’s changing a bit.

W.B. Yeats wrote, “Education is not filling buckets; it’s lighting fires.” Starting today we are promoting a way of learning about Relenta that hopefully will light fires for you, expanding the way you think about dealing with customers and email.

Instead of guiding you through all the technicalities of using the product, we will walk you through scenarios of how people use Relenta to get things done. Some of the scenarios will cover basic features; others will get into the guts of the system. Our goal is simply to show you the path of solving your own problem in your own way with a system that can learn and grow with you. We will be with you every step of the way as you explore and develop your own system. Often, we will be learning with you.

We’ve set up a new gateway page at Our weekly Wednesday demos will focus on common challenges businesses face when choosing a CRM system and how Relenta helps. As we see the impact of these new concepts, we will post specific snippets and clips of this information in support articles and videos in both the blog and support section.

Given the right amount of education, we see very productive things happening.

Written by Brent Miller

January 15th, 2014 at 11:57 am

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Mass email testing

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Just a quick note on the best way to test a mass email using the Newsletter feature.

1. Create your newsletter or mass email in the response library, using merge tags.

2. Next, set up a Group called “Mass email test.” Add yourself and whoever else you’d like to send a test to as contacts.

3. Click your test group and create the test email by clicking the Newsletter button. Select your newsletter from the Response Library.

4. Click send and check your email on different devices to see how it looks.

While you typically send out tests immediately, remember that for your real mass emails or newsletters, it’s best to pick a send time that is best for your recipients.

Written by Brent Miller

January 10th, 2014 at 2:23 pm

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Relenta mass email stats with Google Analytics

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Relenta’s mass email functionality is great for sending out service notifications to customers. It really is as easy as composing an email and using “Dear [FIRST]” instead of  “Dear Customer.” (Learn about email merge tags here.)

Yet what if you want to track the performance of a promo email? It does take some setup. You’ll need to use Google Analtyics. Plus, you’ll need to be using their new Universal Analytics/analytics.js to get this all to work properly.

Once you get the hang of it, however, it’s great. All your web and email analytics will be under one roof, opens, clicks, conversions. Plus there’s a neat trick that will allow you to track users as they move across devices and your website that I’ll post at a future date.

1. Make sure all of your contacts have a unique identifying number. If they don’t, first, create a custom contact field called “User_ID”. Then download your contact list, and use Excel to populate that custom field. (Hint: Start the first contact off with 101 and use consecutive numbers.) Upload the contact list and your contacts should have a unique identifier in their records. Now for the fun part. (Hint #2: Make sure to add unique identifiers to all your future contacts.)

2. In Google Analtyics (GA), click on Admin, make sure you select the appropriate account, and click Custom Definitions > Custom Metrics.

Step #2 Screenshot

3. Click New Custom Metric, name your metric Email Opens, set the formatting type  to Integer, set 0 for the minimum, and 1 as the maximum value. Make sure you’ve checked the Active box. One even will be registered for each open.

Screenshot of step 3.

4. Place this snippet of HTML code at the end of your email (but make the following changes first):

<img src=”[User_ID]&t=event&ec=email&ea=open&el=[User_ID]&cs=promo&cm=email&cn=140107&cm1=1″ />

Replace the letters after UA- with your tracking ID. You can find it in Google Analytics under Admin > Property Settings. Also, if you’ve named your unique indentifier something other than User_ID, make sure it matches. Replace the six-digit date after cn= with the date of your campaign.

Please note: make sure any links in your email have Google Analytics tags that match your properties above.

For example, you’d add this to the end of every link, making sure to swap the date for the date of your campaign:


So a link from the email to the page would look like this:

In GA, click Behavior > Events > Top Events to see your Open report. Not only will you be able to report opens but you’ll be able to report clicks and conversions from your campaign all for free through Google Analytics.

My data, my precious data!

Now that’s working smarter! (Thank you to the good folks at Lunametrics for originally posting about this.)

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January 7th, 2014 at 3:40 pm

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Conquering the fear of doing

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Let go of fear and take the plunge

David Allen makes a great comparison: putting thought into action, “doing” something, is like walking off the edge of a pier. “How deep is the water? It’s gonna be so cold!”

But once you’ve taken that leap of faith something amazing happens.

“Real intelligence, creativity, and solidity show up—in a much greater way than they ever could, trying to be managed merely in your head. Putting the limitation of physicality onto what you’re thinking about does not constrain the mind—it actually galvanizes it,” says David.

So go out there and get to it. Yes, the water may be cold and deep, but there is an ocean of possibility.

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January 2nd, 2014 at 8:05 am

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Need a digital detox? Here’s a 5-step plan

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You’ll need 4 hours and…
  1. A notepad
  2. Post-it notes
  3. Index cards
  4. Some colored Uni-ball pens
  5. A quiet room

No electronics. Not even music.

After the detox, transfer any inspired ideas to your digital domain.


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January 1st, 2014 at 7:23 am

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Ready, set, procrastinate

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"I'll find a picture later..."

A Wall Street Journal article described a lesson from a high-priced workshop as “Structured Procrastination.”

“The idea is that if you’re going to procrastinate, you might as well procrastinate by doing something that works toward another goal—for example, procrastinate on starting a work project by watching a TED talk you’ve been meaning to catch or starting a book you’ve wanted to read,” wrote Angela Chen.

As a goal this year, we will add Structured Procrastination to our Friday Library Day.

(Here’s a TED talk so you can start procrastinating…)

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

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December 31st, 2013 at 2:47 pm

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