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CRM Idol 2011: The Open Season

"Children, you've tried and failed miserably. The point is, never try!"

Trying to get attention from the media these days is an endeavor all but futile. Writers, bloggers and other influencers are inundated with poorly conceived product pitches. Naturally, this irritates the hell out of them and effectively renders everyone else’s PR efforts useless.

Says Paul Greenberg, a CRM thought-leader whose book, CRM at the Speed of Light, is translated into nine languages and used as a textbook at 70 universities:

[companies] either do their own public relations or hire public relations firms that are often, lets just say, until Brent Leary and my next public skewering of them, deficient in their public relations skills, sending ill considered emails that indicate no research done – and thus, the influencer, analyst, journalist, doesn’t give it the time of day.

Lo and behold, Paul Greenberg decided to bypass the PR agents — good riddance — and deal with CRM companies directly. To that end, he’s founded a “CRM Idol 2011: The Open Season” competition, which in his own words “is easy to enter but difficult to win.”

In a nutshell, 60 CRM-related companies (Relenta one among them) will be given one hour of face time with a panel of half a dozen judges. Paul has assembled some of the most respected names in traditional CRM, social CRM, and social media business.

After the demo, the judges will write a joint review that will be published in all their channels and media sponsor venues. The four winners will be judged by the public as well as the extended panel of judges.

This contest isn’t a zero-sum game, and that’s what I love about it most. Being a winner doesn’t require that someone become a loser. Everyone benefits. In the end, we all are the champions, and a big thank-you goes to Paul Greenberg for making it possible.

Written at: Marseilles, France

  • RLoges

    This is a GREAT concept! Congrats and thanks to Paul G for going direct!

  • Will

    This is great but managing deals and a pipeline is a must!n

    • Guest

      awesome! I didn’t understand anything you said

  • This is really great and nice concept.

    • rnrnrnRe: [relenta] Re: CRM Idol 2011: The Open Seasonrnrndeleternrn



  • Kharlo

    Getting hold of lots of customers these days are not an easy task. Many competitive businessesu00a0 are using different CRM platforms to take control or manage their ever loyal customers. The use of media to enhance the business marketing techniques and strategies have become one of the major responsibilities of today’s businesses as it has greater potential to generate more income and clients. To take care of customers and make it personal, CRM software like the Act By Sage Pro 2011 Multi-User Edition is being integrated into daily activities.

  • “it’s easy to enter but difficult to win.” – LOL that also sums up the guess work in how a company should pick a CRM software/service! You also have to determine whether your sales rep would even use them.

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