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Data fragmentation is murder

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post Giving unified user experience.

Full-featured data management tool

"Hey Bobby Joe, can I borrow me your customer data management tool?"

According to Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, poor user experience robs U.K. businesses of £15.3 billion (24.5 billion US) per year.


73 per cent of U.K. consumers ended a relationship due to a poor customer experience. The average value of each lost relationship is £248 per year ($397 US).

This is a real customer chainsaw massacre. Why does it happen? Based on customer sentiment, poor customer service consists of:

  1. Having to repeat information
  2. Feeling trapped in automated self-service
  3. Being forced to wait too long for service
  4. Interacting with representatives who have no knowledge of the service history (or consumer value)
  5. Unable to easily switch between communication channels

Data fragmentation kills your customers and your business.

  • The same holds true for science!

  • Zohaib Khan

    Having to jump around from one place to another while assisting someone is never the way to make good customer relations. Excellent Article!

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