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Do you like to be inefficient?

Seth Godin suggested today that you use a question, “Why am I here?” as a simple mantra that you should chant (inside your head, I hope) when you attend every conference for the rest of your life.

How’s this for an answer: To keep millions of workers employed. Airline pilots and stewardesses, cab drivers, hospitality workers, designers and web developers, printers, PR and advertising agents, conference organizers, you get the idea.

Leo Babauta at Zenhabits points out that our eating habits are similar to conference-attending. Not exactly Zen. But, every time you grab a bite, it triggers a chain of events that keeps gazillions of people around the globe busy.

In a recent conference call, the VP of sales of a major email newsletter marketing company, when presented with the benefits of using Relenta (such as being up to 50% more efficient and productive) said “but people like to be inefficient.”

Do they?

If Relenta lets a team of three do the work normally done by seven, and do it twice as fast, and not pay office rent to boot, is it good or bad in the grand scheme of things?

Any ideas?

  • Different point of view from that post. Interesting to say the least.

  • Well said! I think people (including me at time, but working on it…thus me visiting your site at 6am!) like chaos. Everyone recognizes the amazing benefit of being productive and have the right system to support this accomplishment. But when comes to putting these concepts into action, there is something called “life” that shows up every morning when the average business owner wakes up…
    Reality is we are creatures of habits and sometimes doing things the old way is our fall back position…until we really see the benefits of making the switch. In this case, business owners are all looking for MORE TIME, MORE MONEY in their pocket. That's the tangible benefits I can get as a business owner with your product for example. I think that this has to be predominately communicated in any marketing from companies like yours (that I just got to know by the way and really love what I read so far).
    Thanks for putting such an amazing product & service…
    By the way, service is big for me, do you plan on rolling a premium service where I could call and speak to someone live to help me with my Relanta system?

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