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Drop it like it’s hot

Great news for all of you Outlook (and Gmail, and Yahoo mail and…) die-hards: You can now have your cake and eat it, too! This new feature lets you use any desktop, mobile or web email client with Relenta. Simply blind carbon copy (BCC) any email to your Relenta account, and it will automatically be placed in Sent folder and filed against the appropriate contact. Life is too short to copy and paste any special “dropbox” email addresses, isn’t it? Simple is beautiful, Relenta style!

To start using this feature, you will need to auto-forward email to your Relenta account, so copies of all incoming messages are received in Relenta and other clients you want to use, such as Outlook, iPhone, etc.

Next, create identity (Settings > Identities) with email address that matches sender (From:) address you use to send email from other clients.

As is often the case with Relenta, things are as simple on the outside as they are complex on the inside. Below is the set of rules used to sort and file the incoming email.

  • William

    So this will allow me to send emails from my Gmail account and have them archive and attach to the appropriate user inside of relenta?

    • Exactly. Just BCC your responses from Gmail to Relenta account.

  • Exactly. Just BCC your responses from Gmail to Relenta account.

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  • what if i have another account like “team@mydomain” set up to auto forward to my relenta account? Will this still work or does it have to be addressed directly to my “company@relenta” account?

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