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Email is dead, long live email + CRM

“Keep calm and long live email + CRM”

In the beginning, there was email. Then came the web and all other technologies we use all day, every day. They keep getting better and better. But not email. Email is stubborn. It just wouldn’t evolve.

Three years ago, the Wall Street Journal declared that “email no longer rules.” Yet today email remains the prevailing business communication channel. It is also the worst productivity drain ever.

Why the worst?

Email generates an enormous amount of work. Read it, look up customer details or order history, call your co-workers to find out what’s going on, forward it to a group of people, write a response, create a task in calendar, copy and paste a note to contact management app – you know the drill.

Then what do you do every time you reach out or a customer contacts you for service? That’s right: Wash, rinse, repeat.

Information remains forever trapped in individual user inboxes, separated from customer contact details, calendar, to-do lists, relationship history, email marketing data, and what have you. Welcome to the kingdom of email suckdom.

If instead you want a relaxed, unified work experience, it follows that all your email must be:

  1. Chronologically interspersed with CRM records
  2. Automatically linked to appropriate customer contacts
  3. Shared among your team members in real time

Truth be told, Relenta is the only such email + CRM system that we’re aware of.

  • nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnHi Dmitri,nnnu00a0nnnThanks for gettingnthis viewpoint out there! Itu2019s too often glossed over now that everyone is sonfocused on social. nnnu00a0nnnEmail integration innCRMu2019s is such an important feature. You said it yourself u2013 email is the biggestnbusiness communication channel. Even with the advent of social media, which isnan important development for CRM, email integration remains one of the mostnused features for many businesses.u00a0 Weu2019renhalf way there, but plan to add even more email functionality down the road. nnnu00a0nnnHaving emailsninterspersed with CRM records, linked to the appropriate contact, and shared innreal time with team members is powerful. That kind of functionality is thenbread and butter of any well-rounded CRM. But today, lots of CRMu2019s are toonfocused on social u2013 so focused that they drop important functions like emailncompletely. nnnu00a0nnnLots of offlinenbusinesses donu2019t need to focus solely on social, they need to build strongncustomer service over the phone and through email. nnnu00a0nnnJohn-Paul Narowski,nFounder u2013 karmaCRMu00a0nnn

    • Right on, John-Paul. What it boils down to is messaging. In the end, email messages, direct messages on social networks, and Facebook page messages are all the same, and so we treat them thus.

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