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Feeling angry? Good.

"Who peed in my apple sauce?!"

When we’re angry or stressed — not in a paralyzing, panic-stricken way, but more in that Gandhi-I’m-gonna-start-a-revolution kind of way — that’s an indicator of something good. Why? That kind of anger translates to action. And action brings results.

Yet there’s a caution. Anger-fueled passion can result in either positive change or…er…negative change. (Think “crazy postal worker.”)  What makes the difference between outcomes? The tools we have at hand. Without the right tools, we feel powerless. Armed with the right tools, we can effect positive change. (Think “Twitter-fueled student uprisings.”)

It’s funny, but this kind of anger-turned-into-a-positive is why you’re able to use Relenta (and a host of useful Internet services). We had a CRM problem, so we fixed it with Relenta.

So what we wish for those of you today who are facing some maddening situation: the chutzpah to stand up to it, the know-how to tame it, and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done what you could.

Here’s to a productive Monday!

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