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Announcing our newest integration: Fetchflow

Fetchflow announces Relenta integration with a 3-month Free Trial

If you’re like us, invoicing clients, checking to make sure they’ve paid, and adding up all those business expenses for tax season is a necessary evil. As you know, we love to get around necessary evils with services that streamline operations.

Enter Fetchflow, a new professional online invoicing and billing system designed for small businesses and freelancers. So what’s the fuss about?

Our developers got together with their developers and developed a way for Relenta contacts to be automatically synced with Fetchflow clients. (That’s alotta developing.)

So no more re-typing when you’re ready to start billing. And when you update contacts in Relenta, the changes are automatically sent over to Fetchflow. Read more about how the integration works.

One of the most attractive things about Fetchflow is the price. Its annual plans range from $0 to $5 per month, an amount that will make any accountant smile. And right now, they are offering three free months of their Ultimate package to Relenta customers. Their knowledgeable staff are ready to help you make sure you get your accounts connected properly. Click here to get your three month trial. Happy accounting!

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