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Return of the Fubar Fairy

Ooh, nice CRM!

Back in the day, O my Best Beloved, when the Tame animals were wild, and Isabel and I were publishing Web Hosting Magazine, or WH Mag for its affectionate readers, we had this lovely little character called the Fubar Fairy. He made appearances in the stories of assorted mishaps that were oh so common in the early days of the web hosting industry.

Well what do you know, the Fubar Fairy came back, and for the holidays not less! We’ve felt the malodorous breath and black-magic touch of his horse-ass wand last week. Luckily, this visit was brief and nonmalignant, all things considered. And presently the Fubar Fairy slowly drifts away into the nothingness he came from. Good riddance and live well until the next time we meet, Mr. Fubar.

The Fubar Fairy character was developed by WH Mag’s visual concept designer and one of my favorite illustrators of all time, Joe Barsin of JEB Design. You can savor some of Joe’s work at Zazzle.

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