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Delaying software releases – the stages of grief

Delaying software releases is like going through the six stages of grief:


  1. Shock and disbelief “WTF?!! We’ve already padded all our internal estimates by a factor of two and are still six months behind the schedule. This can’t be happening!”
  2. Denial “Nah. We’re almost there. There’s nothing to worry about. We’ll answer all these forum posts as soon as the release is out.”
  3. Bargaining “Hey, let’s stop doing what we do and release some BS intermediate update just to shut up ‘em up.”
  4. Anger “These people have no appreciation for our hard work. Homicidal bitching is all we ever get in return.”
  5. Guilt “We should have managed expectations more proactively. Now we let all these nice people down.”
  6. Acceptance “Hmm… Apparently good things take time. We still have the best app in the world and it gets better every day in every way.”
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