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Happy vs. unhappy CRM customers

We have two types of customers, happy and unhappy. Neither have a reason to be that way. Just kidding. Well, maybe not entirely.

Happy Unhappy
Our contact is owner, founder, partner or CEO Our contact is admin assistant, intern or tech geek
Tell us what Relenta should do Ask us what Relenta can do
Tell us how we compare to competitors Ask us who our competitors are
Choose Relenta because no training is required Require training just because
Spend lots of time to research and test drive dozens of alternatives Spend lots of time on silly RFPs and meetings; want us to do the same
Read the documentation Expect us to read them the documentation
Find our pricing very reasonable Insist that Relenta is overpriced
Always find workarounds Complain about missing features
Are assertive, articulate and cheerful Are timid, unclear and depressing
Get things done Not sure how to do things
Grow and flourish, add more users and intensify usage of Relenta Wither and decline, blame the economy, downgrade and eventually quit

It seems that happiness and success go hand in hand.

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