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Let’s get horizontal

"Small businesses of the Universe,
let’s get horizontal!"

Our business friends and advisors love to ask us the same question, “Did you find a dominant industry vertical within your customer base yet?”

Nope, and we’re not looking for one, either.

We prefer to focus on commonalities, rather than differences, among small businesses and workgroups. In fact, this is one of the tenets in our simple CRM manifesto.

In no particular order, our customers are equally distributed among the following types of B2B and B2C organizations:

  • Professional services
  • Educational organizations
  • Consulting firms
  • Marketing, advertising and PR
  • Software companies
  • Web developers
  • Freelance contractors
  • Commercial and residential real estate
  • Financial services
  • Ecommerce
  • International trade

We are proud to be horizontal, yet will be the first to admit that Relenta isn’t everything for everybody. Within the small business universe, we fill a specific niche. Our happiest customers are those who have the culture of getting things done. So all you have to do is bring your own ambition.

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