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What is library day and why do we have one?

What would it take to shake things up?

How about an entire day off to change pace and reset? Herbert Lui believes in an administrative day off to take care of small tasks and errands. Some people call it a mental health day. I’ve heard that some companies have an “extended afternoon break” policy (like, “Go walk in the park and don’t show up again until you turn back into а human”).

At Relenta, each person has a library day once a week, every week.

What do we do on a library day? Everything and nothing:

  • Contemplate WTF just happened and where the previous week had gone
  • Read, research, reflect and otherwise switch mental gears
  • Tinker with new things without pressure or deadlines
  • Get lost in the moment of doing what you love to do whenever you feel like doing it
  • Answer a few support emails – because one, it’s addictive and two, reminds you what it’s all about in the first place

You gots to sharpen your claws every now and then. Pony up and try it.

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