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Must read: Better Productivity Blog

"Don't worry I am not going to sing. I am eating french fries."

In his profile, Rami Rantala, the author of Better Productivity Blog, is eating fries and promising not to sing. It’s the first clue that this is not just another zombie business blog.

For real. Each short post gives you a condensed nugget of wisdom to mull over, but my recent favorites are:

Think big things. Do small things. Easy to forget in the heat of the moment.

This is how I work. One thing at a time. One sentence in this blog post is worth dozens of other websites. “What would create the biggest movement?” This one change will make you ridiculously more productive. Activity doesn’t equal action.

6 unexpected research findings in productivity research. Most productivity tips are about better goal setting, better use of time, or better to-do lists. It doesn’t get much more boring than that. How about working in a warmer office with plants and photos of kittens instead?

How to finally get rid of your to-do list? I love the idea of a not-to-do list, or listing things I won’t do today (or ever).

Rami is humble. He’s quick to point out that he is just a regular guy on a journey towards productivity. He never claims to be an expert, but the tips he shares are more valuable than those of many gurus and ninjas out there.

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