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System update: Over 15 new features, tweaks and fixes

Seriously! Here are this month’s new features and some of the tweaks and fixes:

“Mail to group” email controls

  • View sending status in “Mail to group” email folder
  • Cancel group emails scheduled for the future time

Categories and groups

These settings are per user, so you can adjust preferences independently from the rest of your team:

  • Drag-and-drop to sort and reorder categories and groups in the left navigation bar
  • Keep open/collapse category status persistent across sessions

Undo actions

  • Click to undo actions such as delete, archive, move messages
  • Removed confirmation popup for actions that can be undone

“Do not email” contact status

  • If checked, mass emails will not be sent to contact
  • You can still send manual one-on-one emails

Message read/unread status

  • Click on received/replied/forwarded arrows to toggle message read/unread status

View timeline during edit

  • Display contact’s timeline (formerly “Activity stream”) while contact is being edited

Sorting of events in Agenda view

  • Changed sorting of “Agenda: Later” line-items to soonest on top

Email duplicate checking

  • Check for existing email duplicates when creating contact from email

Miscellaneous tweaks and fixes

  • Restored “Action” button for messages with multiple assigned contacts
  • Fixed missing attachments bug
  • Tweaked the look and feel of left vertical sidebar navigation items
  • Assign forwarded message to the original recipient when sending from folder view
  • Stopped reloading folder view after replying to message (keep open messages open after sending)
  • Fixed folder message count bug
  • Fixed file rename bug
  • Fixed comment counter update bug

What’s next?

Suggest and vote for new feature ideas.

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  • Ascent Seminars

    “Drag-and-drop to sort and reorder categories and groups in the left navigation bar” was a timely tweak “sent from heaven.” I was just trying to figure how to do that when VOILA, here comes a great fix to save the day. Thanks for helping me Get Things Done better!

  • Rich

    Great update! Soooo glad I can move around categories. Keep up the good work, guys!

  • Phil

    Can’t seem to find a way of re sending an email from the sent box

  • Sebastian

    Hi. Great work. I often experience that Fields are not editable. In order to fix the problem I have to reload the Whole page. Any idea what causes this problem?

    • Thanks Sebastian. An outdated browser would be the most likely cause but in any case please email helpdesk @ relenta d o t c o m for support

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