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System update: Calendar sync and recurring events

New Year’s is our favorite holiday. Not because a few weeks leading up to it is our most productive time of the year. Not because of the best parties. We love New Year because it offers the possibility of change and transformation.

You’re gonna love this update especially if your New Year’s resolutions include things like “become more productive” and “get things done.” They do, right? So now you have fewer excuses.

Go to your Relenta calendar, click Export button, then right-click on Subscription link and copy the webcal:// link:

Then open your calendar program. We use Google in this example – other apps all work along the same lines. From “Other calendars” in Google Calendar menu choose “Add by URL” and paste your webcal:// link, like so:

That’s all there is to it.

It will be good for you to know that the sync frequency depends on the calendar program you use. Google seems to be updating external calendar feeds every few hours. Also note that this is a one-way sync. You can view your Relenta calendar events in other calendars, but you need to create and edit them in Relenta.

Next comes another feature that you’ve been asking for since the beginning of time: the ability to create recurring events. Not much to write about here other than “now you can.” Just check Repeat box on edit event screen and set the recurrence rules:

That’s it for the first system update this year. We hope you like.

Enjoy and stay tuned!

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