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System update: Over 12 improvements, tweaks and fixes

Here’s what’s new and exciting in today’s release:

Calendar event date range

  • Improved usability of event date and time range selectors (from/to)
  • Added date range to line items on the contact timeline, agenda and activity search results views

Email marketing

Renamed email marketing features to bring it up-to-date with modern conventions and end the naming legacy that was dating back to 2005:

  • Email Marketing → Autoresponders
  • Former Autoresponders → Auto-replies
  • Mail to group → Newsletters

Email folder usability

  • Display folders which contain unread messages in bold
  • Added count display to Draft folder that shows the number of messages regardless of the read/unread status

User menu

Changed the layout and added links to New features, Feature suggestions and Documentation (click on your name in the upper right corner).

Compose screen

To avoid mis-clicking, moved “Save as draft” button to the right, along with “Delete”

Contact and message view in Inbox

  • Added “Edit” link and date created
  • Renamed generic “Add tags” labels to “Tag email,” “Tag contact,” and “Tag activity”

Activities tab

For each of the sub-tabs, replaced generic page header “Activities” with “My Agenda,” “Daily,” “Weekly,” “Monthly,” and “Deals.”

UI redesign

And finally, we’ve restyled some parts of the user interface:

  • Department settings screen
  • Alerts and confirmations
  • Contact import screen
  • Edit contact groups screen
  • Autoresponders (formerly Email Marketing)

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  • Joannes Vermorel

    Very nice to see Relenta moving forward. The “Deals” addition is a nice addition. The two major blocks that would really improve Relenta for us would be: companies (a multi-contact entity) and opportunities (selected list of contacts to be contacted when someone is available).

  • George

    Good fixes. It’s good to see these improvements and continual progress in making something great better. Very happy.

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