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System update: The Labor Day release

Without doubt, machinery has greatly increased the number of well-to-do idlers.— Karl Marx

Here is our modest contribution to your well-being.

Great news: More storage!

We’ve optimized our file storage architecture and passed on the savings to you. Starting today, you will enjoy up to 70% savings on storage space. Put another way, you get 2-3 times more storage for the same amount of money.

New features

Calendar export

Click and you shall receive. Your activities in iCalendar format, that is.

Send and archive

Check this option to automatically archive the original message to which you are replying.

Popular wishes come true

  • Sort groups on contact edit screen in the same order as left vertical Groups tab
  • Sort items in the response library in alphabetical order
  • Open Draft, Outbox emails in compose mode, instead of preview, to avoid an extra click

All kinds of improvements and fixes

  • Made URLs in comment section clickable
  • Reorganized the display of date range for events with various start and end dates and times on Agenda view
  • Added “Do not mass email” column to CSV contact export file
  • Improved folder name truncation method to prevent text wrapping to the next line
  • Fixed bug that allowed saving response library items without title
  • Redirect to contact view instead of edit after merging of two contacts

Have a productive Labor Day!

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  • Tom

    Thanks! You implemented two things I asked for: calendar export and “Made URLs in comment section clickable”. Keep up the good work.

  • Rich

    Well done guys! Loving this one in particular… “Sort groups on contact edit screen in the same order as left vertical Groups tab”

  • George Morales

    Great job! Thank you for listening to our suggestions and giving us these popular wishes (sorting groups in edit view and response library). These two features now bring logical process flow to two powerful functions in Relenta making the interface even more powerful and practical for improve social communication & Getting Things Done (of course). Keep up the good work. Everyone I show Relenta to is just blown away with what you can do with it. Almost makes me keep it a secret. Cheers to you too.

  • Thank you Tom, Rich, George! Much appreciated.

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