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Case study: Online education gets more productive with Relenta

OnlineEd offers license training in real estate, insurance, contracting and many other careers

Our new client, OnlineEd, is an online vocational school offering training for a variety of careers (real estate, insurance, contracting, home inspection and so on). OnlineEd provide license training so you can get a state-required license, continuing education to maintain your license, and certification and professional designation courses to improve your career.

Paul Cleary, OnlineEd’s customer care and social network manager, says “Relenta takes the cake”:

The user interface alone sold me. It’s very pretty but, looks aren’t everything when it comes to web-applications as I’m sure you know. Relenta not only looks great, it works surprisingly well also.

…what about the customer service? Again, Relenta gets a gold star. During our trial period, naturally, we had a few questions, all of which were answered in a very friendly and VERY timely manner.

Thank you, Paul! It will only get better, promise.

For more information about OnlineEd or to enroll in their courses, please visit, send email to or call, toll free, 866.519.9597

  • Great Dmitri, congrats on the new client! A very need concept they have as a business model, too. Please give us another blog post letting us know the status of Relenta’s updates. Thanks!

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