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Productivity by design vs. hacking

The word hack implies the lack of finesse and elegance, opposite of effortless ease and harmony. 

Hacking is good if you need to quickly solve specific, one-off problems in your everyday life. These small, incremental improvements in your day-to-day routine will not do if you want to jump the curve and get to the next level of productivity and peace of mind.

That’s where life design comes in. The discipline of life design advocates a holistic, balanced, and planned approach. It begins with discovering your personality and purpose in life, setting goals, developing systems and finding the tools that will take wherever you want to go.

Master the the life design first. Change your habits, find the right tools, and you will need fewer life hacks. Good places to start your life design adventure are here, here and here.

We at Relenta believe in productivity by design. Life is too short for endless hacking.

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