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Referral program

We pay 15% commission for the first twelve months and 5% for the life of the account for direct referrals (1st tier) and 5% lifetime commission for your referrals’ referrals (2nd tier). We use every method known to man to give you credit for your referrals:

  1. Browser cookie. When a person clicks on your referral link (, he or she will be redirected to, and a permanent cookie will be sent to her browser.
  2. “Who told you about us?” This is the first question we ask when people sign up. We will attempt to match responses to your account by the answer provided, so please make sure your contact name and company are correct in our system.
  3. Referring URL. If you place a link to Relenta on your site (you can link directly to, without the special referral link), we will remember the referring URL using the cookie, and will credit your account based on this information. You will have to let us know which site(s) correspond to your Relenta account ID.

Your account is credited the same day when your referrals make a payment. We provide detailed daily reporting on the number of clicks, sign ups (free and trial), paying accounts and commissions due.

Commission payments are made to you via PayPal when the balance exceeds $100 USD. Let us know if PayPal service isn’t available in your country and we’ll figure out how to get you paid.

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