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Relenta Demos Launch

Relenta is arguably the most customizable email-based CRM and Contact Management system for SMBs. Packed as it is with so many customizable features, there is, admittedly, a learning curve, especially during setup. From working with different businesses over the years, each with a unique scenario, there can be a moment during setup when you want to throw up your hands and walk away.

While a brief chat with Dmitri or me can usually resolve most problems fairly quickly, maybe you’re under a deadline, it’s 2am, and we’re not available to answer your questions. Or maybe you’d like the answers before you have questions. Up until now, we’ve been reticent to provide too much detail in our support documentation for fear of pigeonholing product usage. That’s changing a bit.

W.B. Yeats wrote, “Education is not filling buckets; it’s lighting fires.” Starting today we are promoting a way of learning about Relenta that hopefully will light fires for you, expanding the way you think about dealing with customers and email.

Instead of guiding you through all the technicalities of using the product, we will walk you through scenarios of how people use Relenta to get things done. Some of the scenarios will cover basic features; others will get into the guts of the system. Our goal is simply to show you the path of solving your own problem in your own way with a system that can learn and grow with you. We will be with you every step of the way as you explore and develop your own system. Often, we will be learning with you.

We’ve set up a new gateway page at Our weekly Wednesday demos will focus on common challenges businesses face when choosing a CRM system and how Relenta helps. As we see the impact of these new concepts, we will post specific snippets and clips of this information in support articles and videos in both the blog and support section.

Given the right amount of education, we see very productive things happening.

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