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Relenta is changing

The journey seemed long and disenchanting, for so it was. On the bright side, we are introducing a completely refactored application, so you can rest assured that your email and CRM house is built on a rock. In the last almost two years, 99.9 percent of our development action was on the back-end, therefore we can’t really show you most of the results. However, a few good things are happening on the visible side as well. For now, here’s a sneak peek at what we already have in store for you.

2-line object lists: more details, fewer clicks

2-line views

In line with our 1-click philosophy, we’re introducing 2-line views of the message, contact and activity lists.

All-new calendar with drag-and-drop

All-new calendar

Тhe entire calendar is rebuilt from scratch. We’re introducing weekly view; event duration; drag-and-drop action to change event date and time. You can also click anywhere on the daily, weekly or monthly view to quickly add the event, and resize the event icon to change its duration.

Universal date format

Country-independent date formatting is applied throughout the app. The new dates look like this:

     < 1 hour        25 min ago; in 25 min
     > 1 hour        02:06pm or 14:06, depending on user settings

     > -1 day        Jan 30 or Mon, Jan 30 (current year)
                     Sep 28, 2007 (past years)

     Full date/time  Fri, Sep 28, 2007 16:34
     Date range      Mar 1 - Apr 1, 2011 or Dec 1, 2011 - Jan 1, 2012

The look–and-feel changes are beyond cosmetic

Ergonomic navigation

The new space-saving design minimizes the number of clicks and mouse movements. We’re adding the “+” shortcuts so you can create new messages, contacts, activities and social network updates with a single click wherever you are in the app. To save vertical space in the left vertical navigation bar, we’ve moved the switch-between-departments dropdown and search box to the top header.

Fewer clicks to better search

Universal search box

Aside from being faster, the new search box features auto-suggestions and the ability to apply your search query on the fly to messages, contacts or activities.

Better tagging functionality

Better tags

We’ve added tag auto-suggestions and the ability to delete tags.

We’re still testing and working out the logistics of the new system launch. For now the main take-home message is this: The application infrastructure upgrade will enable us to release new features in a fast and continuous fashion. Until then, take heart!

  • Richie2010

    Dmitri – great news! When will these updates be rolled out?

  • Joannes Vermorel

    Great news! and great choice in features. I am very eager to see those coming to Relenta 🙂

  • Yes, when do we get our hands on all the nice one click editing?

  • Charlie d’Estries

    Dmitri, nice going… I know you guys have been working hard; you have a great product… now if you can only move contacts from one department to another… that would be awesome!

  • Dave Collerton

    It all looks good but unfortunately, too late for us – we’ve moved to google apps. Good luck though, au00a0definiteu00a0improvement on the Relenta of old.

  • TrustServe

    great news…u00a0

  • Info

    thanks for your hard work!!!

  • Mark Felling

    Looks great! u00a0Keep up the good work. u00a0Hopefully includes integration/synchronization with Google Contacts and other repositories of information

  • Christian

    As a paying customer, we look forward to this. When is estimated release date

  • Landventures

    And when does it get implemented?

  • david_r

    Like everyone else Im very curious to know when this long promised update will be released?

  • David

    2-line viewsIt takes more space to show the same information, fills the screen with goofy graphics and big images of a question mark. It make my eyes hurt when I look at the screen.Most email popular systems have a one line as default, other ways of displaying information is usually optional and it letu2019s you switch from one view to the other.Did you guys think that maybe there is a reason for the default way of presenting information?

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