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Requiem for permissions

Set permissions on this

Here’s an observation: Back in 2006, when the first version of Relenta came out, potential customers often asked us about permissions, or the ability to exclude certain users from seeing parts of the CRM data. In the last couple of years permissions practically vanished from the CRM system requirement lists that we see every day.

My theory is that this is the effect of open nature of social networks. Everybody can see everything. Data and communications are shared. Transparency becomes the norm.

As an aside, it is technically very simple to set read/write permissions for each contact in a “pure” CRM or contact management system. By contrast, in Relenta it’s next to impossible due to it being a cross-breed between CRM and messaging (email, social networks).

In any case, CRM for small business isn’t designed to solve social problems in the workplace. If you don’t trust your colleagues, look into getting an enterprise CRM.

So. Contact view permissions. Ain’t gonna happen.

Written at: Stockholm, Sweden

  • Agree. Contact view permissions are about the last thing

  • Agreed. Contact view permissions seem pretty useless for what Relenta is intended to do.

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