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Segment, segment, segment

Segment your customers into Groups with Relenta

Segment your customers for delicious results

When considering conversion optimization, how often do you catch yourself thinking about the successes of your email campaigns? Email list segmentations can bring a multitude of conversion opportunities by moving past the general broadcast and into more specific plans that are catered to your subscribers’ individual needs and interests.

Here are a few best practices for segmenting lists that encourage conversions and amplify content. As always, the effects of list segmentation are best measured alongside big-picture data, but a few of these basic list categories should help you to get an idea on how to individualize your subscribers’ email experiences.

1. Segment by Age

Segmenting by age may seem a little obvious, but you’d be surprised at how much broadcast email content can seem irrelevant to different age groups. Consider your demographic. The 18-25 crowd may be more interested in a flash sale than those 65+.

2. Industry

This is a big one. Mass emails that cater to too many industry areas can quickly become spam—something we all want to avoid. Understand your users’ industry-specific positions in order to get a better idea of what they would like to see in their inboxes.

3. Gender

In many cases emails can be targeted to a neutral demographic, but some instances may call for a more specific segmentation. Much like it makes sense to vary emails by age group, it can make a lot of sense to target gender if you have a large product offering that encompasses a wide variety of individuals.

Once you have your segments planned, create them as Groups in your Relenta account. Have filters and web forms automatically assign new contacts to the right Groups. Then your Groups will be ready for any email marketing or autoresponder campaigns you set up.

The beauty of list segmentation lies in the fact that a list can be segmented in any number of ways. By focusing on what your consumer wants, you can better target your email campaigns to a variety of different segments, such as: geography, education, buying behavior…you get the idea. Better targeted email campaigns = better CTRs = better results for your site and for your business.

Here’s a hearty Relenta thank-you to today’s guest blogger, Clare Paniccia, who handles content writing at Clever Zebo. She works alongside a team of hands-on marketers who deliver results. If you’re interested in improving the conversion rate of an autoresponder sequence or marketing email, sign up here for a complimentary 30-minute marketing consult.
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