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How to set up your new tablet to work with Relenta

Whilst setting up Relenta may not be your first priority...

Ah, yes. You have a new toy. Be it iPad Mini, Nexus 10, or a Windows 8 hybrid, here’s our guide to setting up your tablet to work with Relenta.

  1. Tablets work almost the same as computers. You’ll be able to access Relenta through whatever browser your device normally uses. The biggest difference is mouse clicks become screen taps.
  2. Don’t get stuck on the lack of a keyboard. If your tablet doesn’t come with one and you are a speed typist, seriously consider a Bluetooth keyboard. Even if you’re satisfied with on-screen typing, consider upgrading to a better keyboard like Swype on iOS or Swiftkey on Android OS. Also, feel free to try your tablet’s text-to-speech capabilities.
  3. Wi-Fi or mobile data is required for tablets to access and work with Relenta.
  4. Consider enabling the Dropbox function for your Relenta account. Drop us a line — pun intended —  and we’ll switch it on for you. With the Dropbox feature, you’ll be able to compose offline messages with your tablet’s email app and BCC your address. (Particularly handy if you happen to be working offline.) These sent messages will automatically be added to your recipients’ Relenta timelines.

So have fun fiddling with your new toy! Email support if you require more detailed instructions.

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