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Case study: Thrive Software do it simple, fast and easy

Thrive software for independent online stores

Thrive is an app that helps online stores optimize performance and sales

If you are an online store owner, chances are you don’t operate it at its full capacity. Why? Because there are too many variables to track and analyze. Collecting, reconciling and optimizing sales, traffic and advertising figures is a full-time job and then some. You don’t have the resources to do it right, if at all.

Our customer, software company Thrive, love independent stores. After years of helping out local stores increase sales, they got the idea of turning their process into an application, so any store could help themselves.

By using Relenta, Thrive can focus on its core functionality instead of building CRM features into the app. Says Elliot Yeo, Thrive’s web experience manager:

Relenta does it right. Simple. Fast. Easy. After wasting days and weeks on needlessly complicated CRM’s and API integrations it was refreshing to set up Relenta and integrate it with our application trouble-free in one afternoon.

Thrive feel like they have built something really cool that will give the independent store owners a huge advantage. They say it feels like being “an arms supplier in the war against box stores.”

Follow Thrive on Twitter and be the first to try their next-generation app that is coming this spring.

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