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System update: Social CRM in action

Social activity is interspersed with email and CRM records (click to enlarge)

We recently wrote about our approach to social CRM. Now you can see it in action. Today’s update will help you be more productive — socially and otherwise — by further unifying communications and reducing data fragmentation. This means that you will be able to do your work with even fewer interruptions, clicks and open browser windows:

  1. Import some or all of your social network connections into Relenta
  2. Automatically associate social network messages with appropriate contacts
  3. Post all your social network status updates with a single click directly from Relenta interface

Import contacts from Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

You can connect your Relenta account to any number of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, preview and then import some or all of the contacts into Relenta. Our system will match them against the existing contacts to keep your database clean and free of duplicates.

Unified inbox for email and social network messages

Strictly speaking, this update makes Relenta a unified messaging platform. Social network messages are made a part of each contact’s activity stream, chronologically interspersed with all other activities and events (such as sent and received emails, tasks, reminders, invoices, orders, notes, files, etc.).

The social network messages thus become shared action items in your CRM. It takes but one glance (or click) for your team to review the contact details and prior history, create new leads, respond to messages, discuss the issues internally if called for, determine the next action steps and who’s responsible.

Update all social networks with one click

You can post your status updates to any number of connected Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts with a single click, without having to login into each service separately or using yet another 3rd party app.

For the full description of changes and additions included in this update, click here.

Next steps

This social CRM release is our first incremental contribution towards what Gartner estimates to be $1B market in two years. Who will shape and define this market? You. Please add your ideas and comments to this post and on our user forum.

Written at: Koh Chang, Thailand

  • Netoriginator

    Dmitri,nnAs a longtime user I appreciate your constant drive towards improving Relenta. nn

  • Joaocamacho

    It’s a very interesting application, keep the good work!

  • Hi Dmitry,nnThese new features look really cool. Could we finish off improvements to the core mailing features now that social activity is out of the way? Email remains the number one engine of web commerce.

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