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System update: Persistent user settings

There is a Russian expression, “маленький да удаленький.” It translates as “tiny yet mighty,” which this update really is.

User display settings are now persistent, meaning that your preferences are memorized between the screens and logins. For example, if you like to compose email in rich text format, you will not need to toggle the rich/plain switch every time you compose a message.

Here is the full list of persistent settings:

  • Compose screen
    • Rich/plain mode
  • Contacts
    • Sort by: Name | Company | Creation date
  • Activities
    • Tab: My agenda | Daily | Monthly
    • Assigned to
    • Activity type
    • Show: Open | Completed | All
  • Department
    • Login into the last department used

We will be releasing more of these small but productive updates as we continue wrapping up our gargantuan back-end rework. In the meantime, let us know your feedback!

  • Tremendous! Love it already. Keep the good stuff coming 🙂

  • Rod

    WOOT! Incremental Improvement – the way real things get done! Thanks!

  • Relenta UI development came back, u0443u0440u0440-u0440u0430!))

  • Ashley

    These are small but really useful tweaks – keep up the good work!

  • Paul

    This stuff is tremendously helpful! Thanks.

  • simon

    Excellent….very useful

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