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System upgrade, planned downtime for December 30

On Sunday, December 30, 2012, we will be releasing a new and improved version of Relenta.

The work will begin at 3am ET (GMT-5). We expect it to be completed within 5-7 hours.


  1. You will not be able to log into your Relenta account while we perform the upgrade
  2. Your email will be received without interruption
  3. All scheduled outgoing email will be suspended during the upgrade, and will be sent out immediately after the upgrade is completed

You can follow our progress on Twitter (@relenta) or Facebook (/relenta).

Happy holidays!

  • David

    Can you make so we can sort emails in the inbox by sender or subject, like it is in most email systems. Without this function processing large amounts of emails becomes very inefficient and time consuming. It probably cost me 30 min of wasted time everyday!nnI have 13,000 emails in my inbox that needs to be processed!nnDavid

  • kt

    AMEN on sorting emails.u00a0 The other huge request I have is being able to take multiple contacts from email response and add them all to a group at once. i.e. I send out an email to my entire list asking who is interested in buying a certain property.u00a0 I may get 30 responses via emailu00a0 I want to be able to follow up with all of them with one email, so I create a group 123 Main St..u00a0 I have to go through each one of the 30 emails one at a time and add them to that group before I can communicate with all 30 at a time…anyone else out there benefit from such a feature?u00a0

  • David

    13 days after the “systemu00a0upgrade” the software is still not working, if we knew howu00a0incompetentu00a0these guys are we would have never used them.

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