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The content malcontent

If I hear the word content one more time, I think I may pass out. Blech. I’m sick of it.

Give me anything but content. I’ll take poetry, news, video, commentary, sales copy, photography, jokes, music, opinion, short stories, infographics, painting, drawing, animation, heck, memes even — anything but boring, repurposed, uninsightful, poorly produced content.

Of course, you may think, “Apparently this guy is out of the loop. How will sites get ranked without content? Content is king.”

Apparently you’ve been reading old content. Google and other search engines are getting much smarter at search. They often display answers to the query right on the search page — no more clicks to Wikipedia just to find out how old Halle Berry is. (She’s 47.) They no longer need content fluff with perfectly matching keywords to populate useful search results, so please don’t bother.

Intent is now king. And search engines can guess it quite accurately. If someone asks, “How do I fix my alternator?” search results will show pages like “Alternator repair made easy.” It’s not an exact match but obviously what the person intends to read. No more search results like “Fix my alternator” on sale at Amazon.

What should you do?  Like Sara Bareilles sings so eloquently in her song Brave, “You can be amazing. You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug. Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out.” Stop fussing about content and keywords. Honestly, folks, isn’t it about time?

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