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The three prerequisites for small business CRM success

Based on our experience with thousands of small businesses and workgroups, we postulate that there are three simple prerequisites for customer relationship management success. You’ve got to have the basics, the tools and the mastermind to get it right:

  1. Basics: processes and workflows. Well established and documented business processes and workflows for marketing, sales and customer service teams.
  2. Tools: central shared workspace. CRM software that keeps all your customer-related data, including email, in one central place that is shared among your team members. When your data is fragmented across a dozen individual inboxes, apps, and browser windows other words, all over the place, the “workflows” literally become “work interruptions” and your productivity goes kaput.
  3. Mastermind: CRM champion. The CRM champion is a person who has the authority, passion and flexibility to make things happen in the best interests of both customers and employees.

Nail all three, or fail.

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