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Top 10 reasons to use Relenta

In no particular order…

  1. Relenta easily and naturally prevents email mismanagement. The Radicati Group estimates that you will spend 41% of your time in 2009 on managing email. Not if you’re a Relenta user! 
  2. Relenta helps you fight the tyranny of information overload. Research firm Basex created a nifty calculator that shows how much the information overload is costing you (post your results in comments). 
  3. Relenta is the first and only shared email, contact and task management platform. Without Relenta, chances are your team efforts resemble an orchestra without the conductor.
  4. Relenta is high and to the right. Our value proposition is a killer combination of utility and simplicity that beats both standalone and integrated applications hands down.
  5. Relenta is GTD-compatible. We are big fans of high-output productivity approaches such as David Allen’s Getting Things Done and Kevin Crenshaw’s Total Relaxed Organization. Other tools aren’t flexible enough.
  6. You may like Relenta better than Gmail. BTW did you know that according to Google, Gmail sucks 50% more than Outlook? 3.2 million search results vs. 2.2 million.
  7. Relenta makes productivity contagious. We grew 500% last year without any paid advertising and even without an affiliate program.
  8. Our customers love us. They really love us.
  9. Relenta is a holistic solution to your productivity problems. Life is too short for endless life hacks. Hack is a 4-letter word that comes from the German word meaning “someone who makes furniture with an axe.”
  10. Relenta gives you so much value that even its modest cost becomes irrelevant. Use our simple ROI calculator to see for yourself (post your results in comments).
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