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Guest post: How one week using this software changed my life and you can do it too!

Here’s a reprint of a case study originally written and posted by one of our new clients, Will Robins
of Market Brands.

I am not big on product endorsements without a very thorough test and implementation. We have all gotten sold on a new gadget, app, or technology only to realize that we do not have the time to properly implement everything needed to make it fully functioning. I am not making any money, commissions, or signing an endorsement deal with the company. I wanted to post this blog was because the time it took me to “set up” this particular software was worth the return on investment inside of the first week.

Best CRM For Retail

Clear Your Head With This Software

Let’s start with how I managed the problem this software solved before the software:

Emails Follow-ups Tasks Calendars and Phone Calls

As I work on Checkstand Program every day I have an assortment of task. Since we talk to product owners, product distributors, store owners, store buyers, brokers, and our affiliated partners every day there is a lot of task and separate conversations I have to manage and keep a flow to. I rely heavily on email for communication and to somewhat keep track of what is in front of me and what I need to do next.

Our process is like this:

  • First, this is our process once someone has responded to us or submitted information asking for more information about Checkstand Program and getting their product into stores.
  • We get leads from our sources. One of the main ones is the fact that we rank in Google with our websites.
  • We contact those leads via phone and email and introduce ourselves.
  • We then call back after we have discussed the particular product over and seen sales sheets or an informative website.
  • We then discuss number of stores and other information needed for the agreement.
  • We then discuss with our distributors to make sure the product is a good fit and we can do the number of stores they are requesting.
  • We then send an agreement to the customer.
  • We follow up with the customer 1,000 times about the agreement and make necessary changes.
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc.

You get the overall point I am making. Life is hectic for my particular craft. All of these communications need to be logged, remembered, and or kept up with. You also don’t want to lose someone in the process.

Now add on top of the above the fact that you have to follow up with distributors once they receive the product to confirm it is shipped right, received, reorder paper work is in place, the product is inbound for stores, any delays, etc… You have to communicate anything you hear right back to the product manufacturer and log it for later summary.

This all in all amounts to a ton of phone calls and emails.

I know that is the case for anyone in the retail and distribution field of work.

What Software

Hands Down the Best CRM Ever… It simply gets Things Done ~ The Will Robins

This simple to use CRM really is a GEM!!

It isn’t the various features that I need to sell you on. These features make it really easy to see how viewing all of your contacts become a timeline of all the various emails and task you have or have had with them.

The amazing thing for me about this particular CRM, productivity management, and awesome software is that it is SIMPLE!

Simple. The introduction which is 5 emails walks you through the basics. You import your contacts and then set up your email to come into Relenta. Then you can go through each email and either take action or hit delete on it. This empowered me to such a level. My calendar became my new view as it had everything I was supposed to be doing in it. Then emails came in and I responded, created an event out of, or responded.


The Best CRM for Retailers

The One Click Zone

Get things done with a single click

The one-click zone. Click. Done.

The magic of our simple user interface helps you get things done with a single click. It gives your team a central shared workspace that is built for collaboration. All data is updated in real time, so everyone is literally on the same page.

This is where everything you are trying to take care of is in one window and one click away. I can’t explain as well as the videos above show it but for me this made the world of difference.

What This Software Is Not.


This is not a marketing software. This is not going to get you more traffic or drive customers with sophisticated emails. This will change your life because of the ease of keeping all your information on track and working through your deal process. It does not make phone calls, track emails, and it does not integrate with other apps easy. It does again make it super simple to coordinate your email and follow up swiftly.

What I look like one week later.


The reason I am mentioning this software. I tried out Relenta for their 14 day trial. In 9 days, I signed up on Friday and “dabbled” with it for an hour to see if it was worth trying out. Today is one Friday later and I am sold.

As you can see it looks like I just started in the software. That’s why I love it!

I actually started this trial with over 2,500 emails in my inbox. I was able to clean all that up and I know where it is and how to bring it up with ease in a few minutes all in 9 days. As you can see in the bottom left hand corner I still have 5 days left on my trial. This is amazing software and changed my life.

I hope you try it and find it as amazing as I did.

  • Awesome that you posted this! Humbled. This is still my go to tool to tell people about.

    When you build great content, presentations, and drive people to them (top of the funnel) then you will begin to get emails and a lot of them. Unfortunately that means tons of time normally.

    Let’s face it – We all want to establish, keep, and build great relationships with all of our partners, affiliates, vendors, and prospects. Relenta has become the tool that makes that possible.

    For me personally it was a need for more business but more time. We could do more business if we could scale and stay organized. Relenta has done that for our organization. This tool is unbelievably simple to implement and has a crazy ROI when it is used.

    Thank you again for posting this and I look forward to growing with you guys!

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